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The ‘Strange Times!’ series of WW1 books provide jaw dropping tales that will have the reader gasping, ‘Did that really happen?’ When fact is stranger than fiction there is no need to make things up!

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Stories featured within Strange Times! 1915:
McHoul's High Vis Horse
Nurses in Tiaras
The Crucified Canadian
Mademoiselle from Armentieres
V.C. Wimbledon Champion Who Courted Danger
Sapper Dorothy Lawrence
Violets from Oversea
(plus many more - over 80 stories included)
The Strange Times! 1915 edition illustrates in 81 thrilling stories, the awfulness of that first full year of the Great War as well as the bravery, resolution and humour of those involved.  We introduce to you amazing characters such as Walter, a 78 year old sniper and Emilienne, a feisty 17 year old girl who was known as ‘the Joan of Arc of Loos’.  You can read about the Scottish soldiers who were slain at Bedford and those who were slaughtered at Gretna.  We relate how some British soldiers got away with murder and how one volunteer nurse was inspired her to write about it.
On 29th January 1915, Lance Corporal William Price (41) and Private Richard Morgan (32) of the Welsh Regiment got drunk and murdered Sergeant Major Hughie Hayes (32).  They immediately confessed their crime to the Adjutant stating that it was a mistake. “What do you mean?” said the bemused officer, “Did you mistake him for a spy”.  “No sir”, came the answer “We mistook him for the sergeant”. Their intended victim was their Sergeant, a bully who regularly had them punished for crimes they did not commit.  Hayes cause of death was listed as ‘accidental’ while Price and Morgan were ‘shot at dawn’.  All three are buried close together in Bethune military cemetery.
On This Day - 100 Years Ago - 29th January 1915

We Shot the Wrong Man!

Re-enactment of Execution – Western Front Witness– Strange Times 1914- WW1 Books– WW1 Stories- Interesting facts about WW1

Freezing weather gave the British soldiers a chance to wage war on a different foe.  Chats (lice) infested their clothing, fed on their blood and made them scratch incessantly.  One trick was to take off your shirt after dark and drape it over the nearest strand of barbed wire.  Once it was stiff with frost the shirt was retrieved, and as many ‘dead’ lice as possible were brushed off. However it seems that the cold merely stunned the parasites and they became active again as soon they were warmed up.  To make matters worse they were now hungrier than ever!


Chatting With Their Mates

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Image: Constance, Duchess of Westminster.


Wounded soldiers arriving at what they took to be a routine army hospital close to the notorious Etaples training camp, were surprised to be delivered to a plush villa.  Here they were greeted by immaculately dressed and bejewelled ladies such as the owner, the Duchess of Westminster. Even when in uniform the ladies who volunteered to work in these hospitals opted to wear ‘designer’ rather than ‘off the peg’ outfits. Had it not been for the fact that morphine was in short supply, the patients might have believed that this vision was generated by chemicals. In fact the Duchess had turned her Le Touquet villa into a hospital and, until the tide of wounded became too great, she and her friends dressed up to greet their ‘guests’ - and this included wearing their diamond tiaras!

Nurses in Tiaras

Duchess of Westminster – Western Front Witness– Strange Times 1914- WW1 Books– WW1 Stories- Interesting facts about WW1